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Alphacool Eisstation DC-LT (Incl. Pump)

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Mounting options
The installation options are numerous and extensive. Eisstation can be screwed onto a 2.5 "SSD bracket or mounted in a 3.5" drive. In both cases, the special decoupling screws supplied with the Eisstation are used for mounting. This minimizes the transmission of vibrations to your case, which significantly reduces noise. Another installation option is the included Velcro solution. Part of the velcro is glued to the bottom of the Eisstation, while the other part is glued to your case. The size of the Velcro enssures safe mounting, even during transport.
Eisstation can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on personal taste and free space.

Connectivity options
There are four options for connection. An "IN" and an "OUT" with G1/4 threads are located on the top with the illuminated logo. At the top there is a G1/4 "and a G3/8" connection available. The G3/8"connection simplifies the filling of the Eisstation and can also act as a lighting module for 5mm LEDs. Two additional 5mm LED locations are found at the bottom of the reservoir and illuminates the water-filled part below.

A highlight in Eisstation is the materials it consists of. The base has a high quality soft touch surface which gives it an excellent appearance and feel. The upper part and the reservoir itself are not made of simple and fragile plexiglass, but rather of extremely robust nylon. While normal glass or plexiglass reservoirs may crack or break due to falls, even from a small height or due to improper handling, it is almost impossible to damage the clear nylon of the Eisstation.

The pump is installed at the bottom of the Eisstation and is not visible from the outside. On the bottom of the Eisstation is a metal plate that reduces vibrations and increases the stability of the Eisstation.


Specifications - Eisstation
Dimensions (LxWxH): 102 x 82 x 85 mm
Capacity: 250ml
Material: Nylon
In/Out: G1/4"
Connections: 3x G1/4" and 1x G3/8"
Power connection LED logo: 3 pin
Lighting modules: 4x 5mm LEDs

Specifications - DC-LT 2600 Ultra Pump
Dimensions (WxHxD): 51x48x9mm (without bracket)
Standard voltage: 12V DC
Power draw: 4.9W
Permitted voltage: 7-13.5V DC
Pressure head at 12V: 0.6m H2O
Maximum flow rate: approx. 100 L/H
Maximum system temperature: 65 ° C
Connector: 3-pin
Weight: 48g

Package contents
- 1x Alphacool Eisstation DC-Ultra incl. Alphacool DC-LT 2600 Ultra pump
- 1x Metal base
- Pump fittings
- Mounting screws
- 4x decoupling screws
- Self-adhesive velcro

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