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Arctic Cooling F8

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Kicky and inexpensive 80mm fan from Arctic Cooling with a very long lifetime.

This is an updated version of the old AF8025 fan, including more airflow and less noise at the same RPM, the biggest difference is 9 fins on the fan instead of 7

Arctic Cooling's fan are using plain bearings (FDB), which gives them a lifetime of approx. 400,000 hours, and Arctic Cooling provides 6 year warranty!

Manufacturers Description:
Main features:
. Extremely quiet
. High airflow and static pressure
. Low noise impeller
. Fluid dynamic bearing extends service life

Impressive airflow improvement
The ARCTIC F8 integrates some delicate features to improve the overall airflow and noise control management. Most 80mm and 92mm standard fans are equipped with 7 blades only, but all ARCTIC F8 fans, including the 80mm and 92mm ones, come with 9 blades in order to create higher airflow efficiently.

Moreover, the refined "ninja-knife" impeller design not only improves the laminar airflow, but it also lowers the noise level. Tested by hundreds of simulations, the result is significant - airflow is over 20% higher compared with a generic 7-blade case fan.

Higher airflow ≠ higher noise level
Over the years, ARCTIC COOLING has built a reputable name on precise case fan engineering and noise control, and the new ARCTIC F8 is no exception. Despite the increase in airflow rate, the ARCTIC F8 fans remain nearly inaudible thanks to the high-quality fluid dynamic bearing and the new impeller design. The maximum noise level is at only 0.4 sone for the 120mm fan. The ARCTIC F series is definitely a good option for anyone pursuing a quiet PC case cooling solution.

Fan size: 92x92x25mm
RPM: 1800 RPM +/- 10%
Airflow: 35 CFM/59.5 m3/h +/- 10%
Noise level: 19.0 dB (A), 0.4 Sone
Volt (V): 12
Connection: 3 pin RPM signal
Life expectancy: approx. 400,000 hours (default is 50,000 hours)
Warranty: 6 years (!) Manufacturer's warranty


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