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Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra

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Cool Laboratory Liquid Ultra is the latest generation of Coollaboratorys sovereign Thermal compound made of liquid metal!

The application is now even easier with the included brushes, and you can now do it in usually 30-60 seconds!

See video of how you apply it here
See video of how to clean the Liquid Ultra of here


Manufacturer's Description:
After the overwhelming success of the Liquid Pro, the new Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra was developed. Of course the Liquid Ultra is also made of 100% metal, but it has an absolute new usability and offers an outstanding performance. Due to the paste-like texture the application is now very easy.

The Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra was optimized for highest performance and optimal usability. The thermal compound consists to 100% of metal, but can be applied very easy with a commercial brush. The processor (Heatspreader) should be cleaned thoroughly before apply the Liquid Ultra, in order to eliminate dirt, old thermal compound or fat.

Depending on the size of the Heatspreader, three to four division lines of Liquid Ultra should be applied centrically on the Heatspreader. Then the Liquid Ultra should be disposed slowly and without pressure on the Heatspreader. The less pressure is used when elapsing, the easier the Liquid Ultra can be applied. The Liquid Ultra has a pasty form, whereby the application goes very fast. Please pay attention to coat also the edges of the Heatspreaders. Therefore always use the same brush side. It?s usually not necessary to apply more Liquid Ultra again for a commercial processor.

Content: ca. 1g
Color: Silver
Thermal Conductivity: 38.4 W/mK
Densitet: 6,85 g/cmü

Package content:
1x Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra
1x Cleaning Kit
2x Brush

As the product is made of 100% metal It?s conductive. This also means that one must not use coolers with aluminum base with this pasta because it causes aluminum to disintegrate.

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