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D-TEK 5.25" Bay Reservoir HDPE

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D -TEK 5.25? Bay Reservoir HDPE - reservoir that fits in 5.25? drive bay. New edition made of high-density polyethylene!

The new Bay -Res HDPE is made for functionality and strength:
The construction of high-density polyethylene makes it incredibly durable.

Which can be fitted in all connecting pieces 3, which makes it possible to have double backflow by more advanced systems?
(One thread is standard closed with a blind plug)

Easy venting system due to the increased ?air trapping? around the filling hole!
Filling is done via the hole in the top of the reservoir, which can be opened both star and regular screwdriver. The stopper is of course made with a round high quality O-ring.


- Fits in 5.25? drive bay
- Material: High-density polyethylene (very strong!)
- Thread: 3/8? (3 pieces)
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 144x41x150mm
- Easy filling and venting!
- Pressure Tested

Note: This product is delivered without fittings. Fittings with 1/4? BSPP (G1/4) thread will fit this product.

- You can use thread Adapter G3/8? to G 1/4" with O-ring for compatibility with multiple fittings.

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