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EK - CoolStream PE 480 (Quad)

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EK - CoolStream PE 480 (Quad) is a high performance design radiator from EK, with exceptional performance at both low and high fan speeds.

As with all other EK products the quality is really good, and especially the radiators price-performance ratio make them definitely worth considering in any system. The radiator features - beside great design and genuine quality - a very high level of performance.

The copper fins are specially designed for use with fans with both low and high airflow. Both sides of the radiators are equipped with 6-32 UNC threads for fan and radiator mounting.


Model: EK-CoolStream PE 480 (Quad) (EAN: 3831109860281)
Thread: 2 pcs 1/4" BSPP (G1/4)
Material: Copper fins and brass chamber
Size: 520 x 130 x 38mm
Weight: approx. 1260 grams
Fan installation: 16 x UNC 6-32 threads on both sides (for 4 x 120mm fans each)
Pressure tested: 1 bar

4-8 pcs 120mm fan

The product contains:
1 x EK-CoolStream PE 480 (Quad) radiator
16 x UNC 6-32 x 30mm screws
16 x UNC 6-32 x 5mm screws

Note: The product comes without fittings.
Fittings with 1/4" BSPP (G1/4) thread will fit this product.

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