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Filling bottle - 500ml

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Bottle of soft plastic so you can easily and accurately fill and drain your system!

When you want to fill your system pour the liquid in the bottle and then you can press the liquid into your system.
The bottle is fitted with a long tube, so you can handle filling even the most inaccessible places. By draining the system, you can create pressure on the bottle and soak up the liquid.

Tip: Start at the reservoir and suck up the water. Blow then the hose that goes away from the reservoir, and you will thus push water into it and you can suck it up from there.
That way you can easily empty 95% of the water in your system and/or empty it in sections.


Material: LDPE
Capacity: 500 ml
Height without spout: 17 cm
Height of spout: 28 cm
Diameter: 7 cm

Packet content:

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