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HW-Labs Black Ice - GTX 140 - Black

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HW Labs GT Stealth Series is the first of the new generation of water-cooling radiators which delivers uncompromised performance in Stealth?s quiet systems. GT Stealth is built over the Black Ice design, but it?s redesigned to maximize the performance by using low noise - and it?s half as thick.

While many manufacturers have lowered the number of fans in the radiator, the HW-Labs decided to go in a completely different direction.

They have made the fans thinner, which has allowed to increase the number to 30 FPI (fins per inch), while the air resistance of the radiator is lowered.

The design is, as its name suggests, inspired by the super high-tech fighter aircraft F-117A Nighthawk, which was the first operational aircraft with stealth technology.

The lines are sharp angles above 90 degrees and bulletproof quality.

HW Labs GTS is undoubtedly the most advanced water cooling radiator to date.

The Black Ice© GT Stealth 140 is the first true next generation PC radiator designed for uncompromising performance and stealth operation. The GTS140 boasts of a radically redesigned Black Ice© core technology that maximizes heat transfer efficiency for the new 140mm fan form factor.


* Two-pass pre-cool/aftercool front-rear dual-core flow configuration with a 30% increase in internal flow rates.
* Custom MaxFinT 25 micron Copper Splitter Fin Configuration utilizing 45% thinner fin material yielding up to 50% less pressure drop.
* Unique fin configuration eliminates intra-louver accumulation of dust particles for trouble free operation.
* Radically optimized 20 FPI (Fins Per Inch) fin density providing dramatically increased heat transfer surface area.
* Custom low-profile 2-row 19.0 x 1.2mm MaxFlowT tubes with twice the waterside surface area of the GTS and 60% frontal area reduction for superior low air-resistance aerodynamics and lower internal flow requirements.
* Yields up to 45% more heat exchange capacity than the Black Ice© Xtreme in both Stealth or Performance modes.
* Achieves Black Ice© Xtreme level performance in stealth mode (low-noise/low-airflow conditions).
* First dual core computer radiator configured and optimized for 140mm fans.
* M4 Threaded Screw Holes for easier mounting and greater adaptability.
* Now standard G 1/4" female threaded fittings.
* Full high-temper brass structural construction for weight reduction and superior corrosion resistance.
* Uses 100% Non-corrosive water-soluble fluxing process.
* Fully RoHS compliant.
* Full electrostatic polyurethane painting finish for uniform coating with high temperature curing for increased finish durability.
* Renowned Black Ice© quality.
* Patent Pending Design.

Width: 153 mm
Height: 171 mm
Thickness: 55.70 mm

Note: The product comes withoutfittings.
Fittings with 1/4" BSPP (G1/4) thread will fit this product.

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