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Laing DDC - 1Plus (18W)

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Laing is one of the oldest pump manufacturers in the industry and was the inventor of the circulation pump. They are known for making pumps with both a really good flow/pressure ratio and longevity.

Apple Computers hired some years ago Laing to produce a quiet and powerful pump for their top models to be equipped with water cooling.
This was the beginning of the first custom-made pump for water cooling and even though DDC appears a bit small and boring - do not be fooled. With Laing's know-how and with water cooling in mind, they have created one of the best series of water cooling pumps.
DDC series is nothing less than a wolf in sheep's clothing!
DDC - ULTRA is the second version of DDC pumps and is a really powerful and incredibly quiet pump. It has vigor enough to drive large systems without sacrificing sound level, and is very suitable for those with delicate ears.


* Powerful: 4.7 m lift height and 600L/h
* Exceptionally quiet
* Compact design: (HxWxD) 62x62x38mm
* Long life (>50,000 hours)
* Permanent fillers: 7mmID and 10mmOD
* Can be connected to variable control (Volt: 8 to 13.2 volts (12v std))
* Start Voltage: 9:02 13.2 VDC
* 12v pump with Molex power connector (can be used without relay)
* Noise level: 24-26db

DDC - ULTRA version with fixed taps, which is 7mm Inner Diameter and 10mm Outer Diameter, which is NOT compatible with 12mm ID/1/2?ID tubing.

NOTE: Do NOT connect the pump directly to the motherboard, as it draws more wattage than the motherboard can handle for long periods.
3-pin connector on the motherboard is designed for FAN ONLY.
The pump gets very hot, so make sure there is good ventilation around it!

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