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SilenX iXtrema PRO 40 x 10 mm - 14 dBa

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SilenX are known for their fans, which provides a fantastic relation between "noise" and performance - and the fans are both really funky and have a unique appearance.

SilenXs fans stands out by having a significantly smaller and tapered engine, which reduces the dead area behind the engine, which in turn provides better aerodynamics and less turbulence!
Thanks to the smaller engine, SilenX is able to produce larger blades so that their fans have almost twice the wing area of the normal fan, and in combination with the specially angled design the fans can move a lot of air at low rpm!

The fan is spray painted in a silver metallic color, the color is not the same all over, giving them an ultra funky and exclusive appearance that impresses!
The cable is sleeved and in transparent plastic so you can see the metal colored wires which completes the metallic look!

All SilenXs fans are in super quality and have 2 year factory warranty!
They come with a sleeved 3-pin to 4-pin Molex adapter, anti-vibration mountings and fan screws.


Model name (manufacturer's number): Silenx iXtrema PRO 40 x 10 mm - 14 dBA
Material: Plastic
Color: Silver Metallic
Fan Size: 40x40x10mm
RPM: 3500 RPM +/- 10%
Airflow: 5CFM/8,5 mü/h +/- 10%
Sound level: 14 dBA +/- 10%
Bearings: Hybrid Immersion
Input Power (W): 0.48
Input Current (A): 0.04
Volt (V): 8-14
Connection: 3 Pin Molex

40mm fan mounting holes

Package content:
1 pcs fan
4 pcs fan screws
4 pcs rubber mounts
1 pcs 4pin molex to 3pin adapter

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