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XSPC EC-6 - UV Neon Green - 1L

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XSPC EC-6 - Clear is a new generation of all-in-one liquid coolants for water cooling systems of the highest quality, non-electrically conductive and environmentally friendly!

EC-6 cooling fluids from XSPC/Thermochill stands out by being made of vegefanle extract and use non-toxic anticorrosion and UV additives. It?s made to be used with all metals and provides excellent protection against algae and other unwanted growth.

XSPC EC-6 has a high thermal conductivity and does not reduce the performance. EC-6 is designed to not color or "fog" your hose so it stays clear and neat!

XSPC EC-6 - UV Neon Green - 1L is a green liquid which under UV exposure lights neon green providing a cool effect for you water cooling system!


Manufacturer's Description:
XSPC EC6 is a high performance, eco-friendly coolant for PC water-cooling. It's based on a blend of refined vegefanle extracts with non-toxic corrosion inhibitors and non-toxic dyes. It offers superb protection for copper, brass, steel, nickel, aluminum and has been tested with a range of acetal and acrylic plastics.

EC6 has a high thermal conductivity, a low electrical conductivity and with its range of intense colours it's the perfect coolant for PC water-cooling.

The coolant comes in a natural colour 1 Liter HDPE bottle, which has a high flow easy pour neck and comes complete with a secure "twist break seal" so you can be 100% sure there has been no contamination to your new coolant.

The non toxic UV dyes in EC6 are and are designed not to separate or stain your tubing over time; EC6 is produced and bottled in the UK under the strictest quality control measures.

. Pre-mixed with No Need for Additional Additives - Ships ready for use
. Corrosion protection for Copper, Brass, Steel, Nickel and Aluminum Proven to ASTM D3306 and BS6580 standards
. Prevents build up of Algae & growth within in your liquid cooled system
. Low Electrical Conductivity
. Electrical Conductivity <2æS/cm at 24C * (most competitors struggle to reach <10æS/cm)
. Non-Toxic and RoHS Compliant
. Freezing Point - 6C
. 85% Bio-degradable Within 30 Days
. Available in a none coloured option or an expanding range of *non toxic UV colours
. 2 Year Shelf-life
. EC6 is a true Eco Friendly Product

We recommend that you do not mix any other additive or coolant with XSPC EC6.

We recommend frequent coolant changes to maintain your system loop correctly, and to reduce the conductive potential within the loop as much as possible. EC6 can become electrically conductive in normal use over time or if contaminated just like any other coolant on the market.

The use of this product is at your own risk. XSPC is not responsibility for damage caused to hardware, property or data arising from its use.

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